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The Secure Blockchain Based Exchange for Personal Data The PikcioChain is a secure and distributed permission-based platform specialized in the collection, certification and exchange of personal data. PikcioChain lets businesses trade and exchange personal data in complete security and with confidence whilst simultaneously empowering individuals by giving them control of their personal data.

PikcioChain PKC ICO Review. ICO is ended: 31 Mar 2018. ICO price. $ 0.340 Ƀ 0.0000486. Ξ 0.000848. NEO 0.00667. ROI since ICO. USD: 0.01x (-99.0 %) BTC: 0.01x (-99.3 %) ETH: 0.02x (-98.3 %) NEO: 0.05x (-95.1 %) ATH ROI since ICO. USD: 0.74x (-25.8%)BTC: 0.77x (-23.1%)ETH: 0.55x (-45.2 %) PikcioChain ICO was conducted 31 Mar 2018. At the $ 0.252 ATH price on 21 Jun 2018 investors were able to.

24 Jan 2018.

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26/02/2018  · The team at Pikciochain are bringing data as an asset class to the blockchain to give control back to individuals and help businesses increase their efficiency. Website – https://pikciochain.com.


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29 Mar 2019.

The Editorial Committee uses an intensive review process in order.

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PikcioChain November 6, 2018 .



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