Help! I Sent Coins To My Bitcoin Wallet Before It Was

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When it becomes fully synced your transaction will show up (or more specifically synced to at least the block that the bitcoin tx was initiated). Your wallet can be left offline indefinitely, the private key that was generated will always hold that bitcoin until the wallet.dat is synced and the bitcoin is then spent.

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Free Bitcoin Generator For Your Wallet Enter Your Bitcoin Wallet Address. Invalid Bitcoin address! Select the amount of BTC you want to generate.

hello, i am new to reddit and to bitcoins in general. I just downloaded a wasabi wallet today to try to mix with others in coin join. I was able to make transfers in earlier but with this transaction I accidentally shut down wasabi before confirmation. I sent the bitcoins from Electrum which shows the transfer with 5 confirmations.

07/06/2019  · It would also help if you knew what kind of wallet you were using back then. There are many different types of bitcoin wallets out there, each having a specific purpose. If you had a hardware wallet, you can look around your home or dig through your old stuff to look for the device that stored your cryptocurrency.



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