Bitcoin Bear Trap

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04/12/2019  · View. Bitcoin’s drop from $7,870 to $7,087 (Wednesday’s low) may turn out to be a bear trap due to falling selling volumes and bear exhaustion indicated on the daily chart.

07/04/2020  · Bear Trap: A bear trap is a false signal that the rising trend of a stock or index has reversed when it has not. A bear trap prompts traders.

15 Oct 2019.

Bitcoin Price action and the total market cap shows potential signs of a bear trap for the entire crypto market.

bitcoin explodes!!! was this a bear trap?! bad news for facebook libra!? noia

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Bitcoin – Look out for the Holiday Bear Trap Bitcoin in positive territory early on, though will need to hit $4,000 levels to avoid a reversal later in the day.


Bitcoin Bear Trap? Crazy Storm BrewingThe difference in prices, minus fee is your profit. That kind of "play" is called "shorting", so some people may say they are "bearish on bitcoin" or "short/shorting on bitcoin". Bear trap is a certain kind swing in the price. If the value went up for some time and suddenly reversed, some people may decide to go short in order to profit. But.

4 Dec 2019.

Bitcoin's drop from $7,870 to $7,087 (Wednesday's low) may turn out to be a bear trap due to falling selling volumes and bear exhaustion.

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5 Feb 2020.

In this video I go over Why Bitcoin Pumped and explain the BTC Bear Trap. We also discuss price predictions for today after doing a market.



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