Why Ethereum May Grow Higher In Value Than Bitcoin

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Although the stock market has made waves recently, don’t forget to take a look at cryptocurrencies, which may enjoy a great.

This week Ethereum-based decentralised exchange DeversiFi (formerly known as Ethfinex) became the highest throughput.

Why Ethereum May Grow Higher in Value Than BitcoinThe second-largest digital asset with the current market value of $27 billion has been range-bound recently after a failed.

22 May 2017.

As of the time of writing, Ethereum has a market cap of over $17 billion. Bitcoin's market cap is $34 billion. This makes Ether (the name of.

The value of Bitcoin has been relatively flat so far this month following a volatile May around an event known as ‘halving’.

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3 Jun 2017.

From its value of $8 in January, Ethereum has attained a figure of $203 just recently which represents a rise of 2367%.

increases in value, the other decreases; they can coexist as they are working.

increase. While the future of Ether is more uncertain than the future of Bitcoin, the .



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