Wallet 0.13.1 Shutdown With Debug Record · Issue #9119 · Bitcoin

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The coronavirus shutdown is hammering supply and demand across the globe. That has forced the real economy into a sharp recession and triggered a rolling financial crisis. Below is a primer on one key piece of this mess: the crisis in corporate debt markets. This branch of finance is vitally important because even healthy companies often need access to credit. If they do not get it, they go under.

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14/10/2012  · Anyway to find out the threads which are causing this issue, would be helpful to me, as I am also hitting this issue. – Azim Jul 22 ’16 at 8:05 You can use kill -3, jstack, or tomcat often dumps the stack traces in catalina.out. – ticktock Aug 3 ’16 at 0:37

Bitcoin Core should have a similar feature in its wallet. Everything is relayed with delays in Core now. Later on, there should be less of a difference between outbound and inbound peers. The rest of the inbounds can have 20 second delays or longer. There’s no reason to have much faster than that for most of the peers, except for a few that are used much more quickly.

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