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FBI busts founder of online drug market silk roadEurope ties? As some observers claim the public health crisis is upsetting relations, economic and trade cooperation between the two – a crucial wind vane of their comprehensive relationship – is.

In 2013 sloot de Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) de website en arresteerde Ross William Ulbricht onder de beschuldiging de webmaster te zijn met het online.

Nick Maini speaks to the Silk Roads author about what COVID-19 means for globalisation, China and his position as an academic.

31 May 2017.

After more than five years, the saga of the Dread Pirate Roberts has ended, and the founder of the Silk Road has lost his last chance of.

12 Apr 2019.

In 2013, the FBI seized Silk Road, a notorious online marketplace that offered anonymous drug and gun sales. Its creator Ross Ulbricht was later.

Daniel Andrewss Department of Premier and Cabinet has refused access to details of crucial national security advice it.

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20 May 2020.

Ulbricht founded Silk Road in 2011, calling himself "Dread Pirate.

the FBI determined that Ulbricht was the founder and owner of Silk Road.

27 maart 2019.

In het korte bestaan van Silk Road was de identiteit van deze figuur een raadsel. Sommige mensen dachten dat Dread Pirate Roberts niet één,

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