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Create an X Y Scatter Chart with Data Labels27/10/2005  · I would like to create a xy-scatter chart for a dataset with two different x-axis. I have one set of data, but I need to plot it against two axis, "concentration" and "dilution factor". The dilution (and therefore the concentration) is not linear, so a line chart will display the data "distorted" or "skewed". I tried the tip from bj (9/9/2005 4:44 AM PST, to the question "Line chart or scatter.

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Scatter plot in Python using matplotlib. In this Tutorial we will learn how to create Scatter plot in python with matplotlib. This python Scatter plot tutorial also includes the steps to create scatter plot by groups in which scatter plot is created for different groups. Create Scatter plot in Python: This example we will create scatter plot for weight vs height. import matplotlib.pyplot as.

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A scatter chart works best when comparing large numbers of data points without regard to time. This is a very powerful type of chart and good when your are trying to show the relationship between two variables (x and y axis), for example a person’s weight and height. A good example of this can be seen below.

Excel allows us to add a second axis to a scatter chart, we’ll use this for velocity and acceleration. However, we’ll want to scale the acceleration data so that it fills the chart area. To do this, I entered an appropriate scaling factor in the spreadsheet and created a new column of scaled acceleration data by multiplying the original acceleration data by the scaling factor. Decide on a.

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