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24 Nov 2019.

How did Ruja Ignatova make $4bn selling her fake cryptocurrency to the.

she grows her own food and sells anything left over at the local market.

From either Greece or Romania Dr Ruja could be extradited to the US.

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19 Apr 2020.

Bitcoin Romania is a cryptocurrency exchange and brokerage firm. Offers cryptocurrency trading and crypto-to-local-currency cash withdrawal.

The owner of Romanian crypto exchange CoinFlux pled guilty to laundering money defrauded from U.S citizens using bitcoin.

Members of Romanian gang used fraudulent ads for nonexistent products to extract money from US Internet users, DoJ says.

The integrations would allow the two blockchain projects to track transactions and identify senders, in line with the FATF’s.

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Local Bitcoins - cum cumperi si vinzi Bitcoin folosind CASH sau transfer bancar - tutorial complet02/01/2018  · Against all odds, Romania is starting to become a true Bitcoin hub in Eastern Europe. The continent’s second poorest country already has a crypto-ATM and an exchange. The machine is located in downtown Bucharest an was installed back in May, making BTC transactions much easier. Away from the capital, in the western town of Oradea, it.

Bitcoin in Romania: second poorest European country.

Buy Bitcoin with credit card (You can also buy XRP, ETH, LTC and BCH), or buy crypto with US Dollars or Euro through TUSD or PAX stablecoins. You also have .

Implemented Bitcoin Cash development donation system. Updated homepage to refresh when new blocks come in. Added support for BIP 9 signalling on Bitcoin Cash. Added "all chains" miner hash rate chart. build Currently in Development. Allow viewing historical record of previous proposals on both BTC and BCH chains. Improved block explorer.



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