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He is the author of a number of publications on the topics of comparative mass media law, particularly in the former Soviet Union and the Russian legal system.

Mis-classified as “independent contractors” – the lowest rung on the ladder of employment rights – most of us don’t get a.

Egypt's last independent media outlet raided by policeChief executives rather than owners must plot way forward as pandemic forces hard decisions to be made across Europe.

27 Apr 2018.

Every year on 3 May, the world marks Press Freedom Day. It's a day on which we are reminded of the role of free media as a cornerstone of.

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Soft, or indirect, censorship is the practice of influencing news coverage by applying financial pressure on media companies that are deemed critical of a.

Woodroffe is ripping up the rule book drawn up by his predecessor, who was sacked in the wake of a messaging scandal.

Currently, the Electoral Act only allows political parties to contest, while independent candidates are only permitted to.

On the other hand, media managers know that run- ning these messages compromises their independence and in some case puts their personnel in danger.

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3 May 2020.

So, it comes as no surprise that independent media and local outlets in a majority of the world are running on life support amid this global crisis.

Facebook took steps Thursday to reduce the role of state-backed media outlets from Russia and China on its global platform.



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