Greenspan Likens Irrational Bitcoin To Civil War Currency Crypto News

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Just recently the notorious former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan gave his opinion concerning the rise of bitcoin in 2017.

Greenspan Likens ‘Irrational’ Bitcoin to Civil War Currency. The former chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, has joined the many financial luminaries to recently criticize bitcoin’s value.

19/07/2017  · BITCOIN prices have recovered after free-falling over the weekend, with traders ‘excited’ by the prospect of a solution to the so-called Bitcoin civil war. Here is the latest news and price.

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16/11/2017  · Mati Greenspan, Senior Analyst at eToro, noted “when BitGo first announced that they were calling off the 2x hard fork the initial reaction in Bitcoin was a sugar rush that propelled the price to new all-time highs. What ensued was a vicious thumb war between the ‘big blockers’ and the ‘purists.’ Those advocating a bigger block size decided quickly that Bitcoin Cash was their best.

Greenspan Likens ‘Irrational’ Bitcoin to Civil War Currency CoinDesk – 08 Dec 2017 While the government does stand a good chance of pressuring the Fed on the printing and price of USD, in reality the Fed serves the banking elite and not the government.Greenspan’s interest is thus to hamper any development of cryptocurrencies so that.



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