Crypto Executives See Silver Lining In China’s Ban Of Bitcoin Exchanges

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China was once a hub for Bitcoin innovation and investment, but the nation has shifted gears over the past couple of years.So when rumors started to spread on F

Another big factor that could help Bitcoin see some intense upwards momentum in the near-term is the Indian Supreme Court’s recent decision to lift the banking ban on crypto exchanges within the country. This decision will make cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin significantly more accessible to the 1.3 billion people residing in India, meaning that this country could become one of BTC’s biggest.

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China’s Bitcoin Ban Still A Silver Lining For Entrepreneurs. Lucy Pearson. DATE : Mar 19 2018 / SOURCE : Yicai. China’s Bitcoin Ban Still A Silver Lining For Entrepreneurs (Yicai Global) March 19 — China recently took the dramatic step of blocking the exchange of domestic bitcoins from the country altogether. As a result, many of those who are interested in cryptocurrency have looked overseas.


Crypto Executives see Silver Lining on China's ban of Bitcoin ExchangesInstitutions liquidating Bitcoin is being blamed for the horror price plunge. But there’s a silver lining. Crypto trader Keith Wareing, Bitcoin true believer Jimmy Song and goldbug Peter Schiff have all said that institutions exiting the market played a big role in last week’s 52% price wipeout – the largest fall in Bitcoin’s history in USD terms.

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The Silver Lining. Despite noting earlier that a ban could cripple bitcoin prices, Alex Kruger concluded saying that a bitcoin ban would actually cause a price uptick. He said investors would buy the dips while he would be on the selling side of the trade. He remarked, “Sell the news, buy the blood. For every buyer, there is a seller.”



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